11 best medications for depression and anxiety

Psychiatric disorder

Depression, anxiety and their treatment, medication or management are really difficult tasks because the new age is full of challenges to the new generation and for the coming generations also. The complications in the life, profession and occupation of human beings have given rise to so many physical as well as psychological ailments. Physicians and mental health professionals should be gravely concerned about the growing threat to the physical and mental wellbeing of people.

According to some theories, mind and body are connected to one another and the harm to one of them will eventually take a toll on the other. If a person is physiologically disturbed he/she will be prone to certain physical disorders which are known as psychosomatic disorders. Hence it is crucial to combat psychiatric and mental troubles to ensure the health of a human body.

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Before discussing the various effective strategies for dealing with psychological troubles, we should first review what kind of mental troubles we are confronting nowadays.

Depression, anxiety, aggression and stress are the most significant issues in today’s new age. There are two categories of mental disorders ie neurosis- mild mental problem or disease and psychosis which is severe in nature, such as Schizophrenia can only be cured in the hospital through medication.

11 best medications for depression and anxiety

1.     Positive thinking and mental health

Depression is a psychological disease which has taken the whole world by storm because of its devastating impact on human life. The cognitive model suggests that positive thinking should be adopted in depression to improve mental health condition.

2.     Will power

There is a popular saying where there is a will, there is a way. Willpower should be strengthened to cope with mental disorders and depression episode. With the help of will power, we can achieve anything we desire. Therefore we should have a strong will power to get out of the psychiatric disorders and achieve the best mental health status.

4     Importance Religious and physical exercise in the treatment of      psychiatric disorders

Aggression, depression, anxiety and other mental problems are very troublesome issues of the new age. Religious and physical exercises are required to fight with these disorders because due to physical exercise brain releases certain chemicals eg serotonin, endorphin, dopamine, and norepinephrine which establish the equilibrium between mind and body. Indigenous therapies are too effective in which patients of psychological diseases engage themselves in prayers and meditation according to their own religious doctrines and convictions.  Patients with psychiatric diseases are required to use their fighting spirit as much as they can.

3.     Social activities

Furthermore, they should engage themselves in all those activities which are of their utmost interest, such as outing, going out of the city in vacations, going to parties, restaurants, shopping, playing indoor and outdoor games. They should widen their social circle by meeting with a friend, family members, colleagues and the like.

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According to research happiness is contagious and by associating with happy and energetic people, mentally disturbed patients are more apt to get psychological comfort. By doing this we can easily achieve the best mental health status. Furthermore, people who are disturbed should keep on sharing their painful experience with trustworthy and wise friends because ‘sharing’ is one such strategy in which a disturbed individual is able to express clearly his issues and concerns and in the meanwhile, he is able to get certain solutions to his problems.

It is also stated that ‘idle mind is a devil’s workshop’ so depressed and mentally disturbed individuals are required to engage themselves physically and mentally in an appropriate task. They should try to divert their attention from the psychological heck through some business. It will relax their minds and they will feel relieved for some time.

4.     Yoga and the treatment of Psychiatric disorders

Yoga is thought as the most effective strategy to combat psychological heck and mental problems. It allows the body and brain to relax and emit rays which are soothing for one’s body.

5.     Time management

In order to deal with psychiatric disorders, mental and physical stress, one needs to sort it out through managing time and day to day affairs and activities by rescheduling all the obligations and activities to be performed.

6.     Positive thinking

Psychic patients should always change their negative schemes into positive ones. Positivity will mitigate the adverse effects of Psychological issues and will give them hope and prosperity in the future.

7.     Behaviour change

Pro-social behaviour should be adopted by the psychiatric disorders patients because people who are altruistic towards society and living beings are more apt to be contented and satisfied in their lives because of caring for people they are doing service to the society at large, which will subsequently give them joy and sense of fulfilment.

8.      Personal and environmental hygiene

Another important factor or strategy is personal and environmental hygiene. Neat and clean surroundings and the body has a very warm and soothing effect on an individual’s mind. The residing place of the patients or mentally disturbed people should be clean and beautiful. It gives pleasure to senses.

Furthermore viewing the greenery of plants has a very good effect on an individual’s mind. Gardening, watching movies, games, listening to music and sharing one’s thoughts with others improve the mental condition or health of an individual.

9.     Soaking hands and feet

Stress is another threatening psychological issue of the modern age because of the high demands placed on human beings. An adequate amount of stress isn’t bad because it activates human beings to conduct their tasks and that adequate amount of stress is eustress (normal and beneficial psychological stress). But if in a situation, stress mounts, it will take a negative toll on an individual’s health and that is distress.

In order to overcome this issue people are directed to chew gum and eat fresh vegetables. They are advised to soak their feet and hands in warm water and walk barefooted on grass or ground because it has a tranquilizing effect on one’s mind and body and instantly leads to a healthy life.

10.  Patience

Patience is a very significant factor in dealing with psychiatric disorders and mental disorders. The patient should control his negative impulses, patience and wait for the disease to be cured. The person should not fall prey to dejection and disappointment. He should take it as a challenge to cope with the day to day issues of life.

Religions also teach us that we should have a strong faith in our GOD and we should be positive and hopeful in all spheres of life whether it is personal or social and to rely completely on GOD in the face of pains and problems is a very appreciative and promising strategy.

11.Counselling and consultation with a mental health professional to treat depression, anxiety and other psychiatric disorders:

Last but not the least is counselling. It is a technique in which psychiatrically troubled individual will consult a counsellor or psychotherapist who will provide him/her with the guidance to combat his or her mental illness issues.

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Patients with severe kind of Psychiatric disorders should not take it lightly and should consult mental health professionals because proper treatment and medication are required for such patients. Friends and family members should provide care to such patients because they are weak and unable to take care of themselves.


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