3 medicine are declared substandard by the Punjab Drug Testing Laboratory

3 medicines are declared substandard by the Punjab Drug Testing Laboratory
3 medicines are declared substandard by the Punjab Drug Testing Laboratory

The Drug Testing Laboratory (DTL), Punjab has declared many drug products, used in various conditions substandard after analysis of their samples collected from different medical stores, pharmacies and Health care facilities.

The Drugs /medicines which are declared substandard includes

  1. Tablet Garvinate 50 mg, an antiemetic agent, having Batch Nos 2225 and 2227.
  2. Tablet Metodine DF, an antidiarrheal and amebicidal agent, having batch Nos 740,741 and 742.
  3. Tablet Byscard 2.5 mg, an antihypertensive agent, having batch Nos 0359, 0360,0357 and 0358.

All of the above-mentioned products are manufactured by MS Searle company limited, Multan Road Lahore.

It is to be noted that the above-mentioned products having batch numbers other than the mentioned ones are safe and can be used as per the advice of the doctor.

Directives for medical stores regarding substandard medicines

The medical stores, Pharmacy, distributors and wholesalers, throughout Pakistan are also directed by the concerned drug authorities not to dispense the above-mentioned products and the consumption record of these medicines must be brought into the notice of concerned Drug Inspectors.

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The Punjab provincial drug control unit (Drug control wing) has also issued a warning to the consumers and patients, who are taking the above mentioned substandard products, for the purpose of treatment, to immediately stop their use and return the same to the medical stores and pharmacies from which it was purchased.

The doctors and all other health care professionals are also directed not to dispense the above-mentioned products due to their substandard nature which may produce severe side effects.

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The representatives of the Young Doctors Association, Punjab also showed grave concerns over this issue and asked the govt to check the standard of drugs manufacturing units throughout the province. They also lamented the unprofessional role of bureaucracy in this regard. They said that it is pathetic that such ineffective, spurious and substandard drugs are present in the medical stores but the government is not taking strict action against the culprits.

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They YDA representatives further stated that the sale of spurious and substandard medicines in Pakistan is the main cause of death among the patients but the entire blame is put on the doctors which is a sheer injustice with this noble community.


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