8 remarkable advantages of nano-pharmaceuticals over conventional pharmaceutical products

The 8 remarkable advantages of nano-pharmaceutical over conventional dosage form is not a secret anymore.

The development in the field of science and technology in this century has a tremendous impact on every field of life and pharmaceutical sciences have no exception to it. The field of Nano-pharmaceuticals and nano-technology have also witnessed several revolutionary achievements in the 21st century.

The magical invention of the dosage form in the nano-size range has raised many eyebrows due to the fact that it was not possible and even imaginable by the people of old ages and having traditional concepts about the treatment of various diseases. In the field of nanotechnology the particle, in the nano-size range is utilized as a drug delivery system and you would be shocked to know that one nanometer is equal to one billionth of a meter.

The size range of a Nano-pharmaceuticals

The ideal nanoparticle ranges between 10-999 nanometers. In the case of polymeric nano-pharmaceutical, the drug or active pharmaceutical ingredient is enclosed in a polymeric material having the above-mentioned size range. The physical, chemical properties and fate of anything can be changed completely at this nano-meter size.

Besides its uses for the treatment of various ailments the nano-pharmaceutical products also have the ability to detect the diseases, before its occurrence or at the earlier stages and therefore their diagnostic abilities are far better than the traditional conventional dosage forms. The side effects produced by the conventional dosage forms have been greatly reduced by the nanoformulations due to their unique ability to target the organ of interest or diseases affected organs.

9 amazing non medical and non pharmaceutical applications of Nanotechnology

Some of the remarkable, amazing and magical advantages of nano-pharmaceutical products are summarized in the following table

S.No Nano-suspension Conventional suspension
1 Its dissolution is easy in water It is difficult to dissolve in water
2 Its therapeutic performance is greater inside the body after administration Its therapeutic Performance is less inside the body after administration
3 Can produce an effect for a longer period of time Its effects are for a shorter period of time
4 Less dosing frequency. More dosing frequency
5 More Stable and cannot be affected in extreme environmental storage conditions, if kept for a prolonged time. Less stable and can be affected in extreme environmental storage conditions if kept for a prolonged time.
6 Higher half-life inside the body after administration Less half-life inside the body after administration
7 The Drug from a dosage form is released for a prolonged period of time after administration The drug is released immediately from the dosage form after administration
8 A drug can be released from the dosage form in a sustainable manner The drug is released abruptly from the dosage form

List of few marketed Nano-pharmaceutical based products


Product Incorporated drug Uses Company
Ambisome amphotericin B Fungal infections Gilead Sciences and Astellas Pharma US
Genexol PM Paclitaxel Anticancer agent Samyang, Korea
Estrasorb Estrogen  Help reduce  symptoms of  menopause in women Novavax, USA
Epaxal inactivated, virosome-formulated This vaccine Prevents Hepatitis A infection Crucell, Netherland
Invega paliperidone anti-psychotic that is used to treat symptoms of schizophrenia. Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Belgium
Mepact Mifamurtide  For the treatment of high-grade non-metastatic osteosarcoma (a type of bone cancer) in patients aged between two and 30 years) Takeda, Austria
Mircera methoxy polyethylene glycol-epoetin beta for the treatment of anemia caused by kidney disease Roche Laboratories, Switzerland
Pegasys PEG interferon to treat chronic hepatitis C ROCHE
Rapamune Sirolimus to prevent rejection of a kidney transplant Pfizer, USA
Ritalin La Methylphenidate hydrochloride for the treatment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Novartis Pharmaceuticals Switzerland
Doxil Doxorubicin Anticancer agent Janssen Pharmaceuticals
Emend Aprepitant to Prevent  nausea

and vomiting

Merck & Co, Germany
Somavert pegvisomant to treat acromegaly (a growth disorder caused by too much growth hormone). Pfizer

Sale of spurious and without warranty Drugs in Pakistan

In addition to the above-mentioned nano- pharmaceutical products hundred of nano-sized drugs are in various testing stages in food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are likely to come to the market in the coming few years.


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