9 amazing non medical and non pharmaceutical applications of Nanotechnology

The importance of nanotechnology has been recognized in different sectors and its potential will be utilized in many fields in days to come. Heinrich Rohrer, a Swiss physicist is considered as a father of Nanotechnology who was also awarded Nobel Prize in the year 1986. He was also awarded King Faisal Prize, the Otto Klung Prize, German Physics Prize, the Hewlett Packard Europhysics Prize and the and the Cresson Medal. He died at the age of 79 years on 16th May 2013 in Switzerland.

This field has shown its importance in a large number of products that are in our daily use, which we even don’t realize that the product is made from nanoparticles. Nanotech is playing an important role and in providing solutions to dangerous issued faced by the word. In this field, the particles ranges in size from 10-999 nm are used as a raw material in various industries. Here is the list of some areas where this latest field is playing a pivotal role.

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1. Textile:

The smell in socks, stains on clothes and unironed clothes and garments were some of the pressing problems of everyday life which have been resolved by nanotechnology. A bulletproof T-shirt has also been prepared.

2. Environment:

Environmental pollution is said to be one of the most important topics of discussion in today’s world, which is considered the biggest threat to biodiversity as well as to human health. Pollution in the environment can easily be controlled now by taking advantages from the advancements in the field of nanotechnology. Antioxidants, anti pollutants and filters have been produced for the effecting control of hazardous materials in the environment. The development in the field of nanotechnology can be used to clean up pollution in water, land and air.

3. Food and Agriculture:

It was considered in the good old days that food sacristy is one of the biggest problems which mankind will face in future and the people will die due to the shortage of food but due to the advancement in the field of Agricultural nanotechnology the human beings are now able to cultivate tens of thousands of food products in a few acres of land.

4. Energy:

High-quality solar cells, fuel cells, biofuels, long life batteries have been developed by utilizing the knowledge of nanotechnology. These items have more storage capacity, durability and longer life as compared to traditional products. Solar energy is going popularity with each passing day due to its cost-effectiveness and environmental friendly characteristics as compared to other sources of energy like fuel, coal etc.

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5. Sports:

Variety of sports products are there which have been developed by using nanomaterials. These include hockey sticks, cricket bats, Tennis, cricket and golf balls, sunglasses etc.

6. Automobiles:

The science of Nanotechnology has revolutionized the automobile industry. Now we can use high-grade lubricants, extremely fine glass coatings, Resins, Phosphors, Fog and valuable and supreme quality dust free windscreens and glass.

7. Cosmetics:

Lotions, shampoos, bases, nail polishes, skin care creams, anti-ageing and sunlight protection lotions have been developed which have an everlasting effect.

8. Oil and gas exploration:

Exploration of new oil and gas reservoir and depots is now easy and it is estimated that 50% more repositories will be discovered as compared to the past.

9. Computer Engineering, Mechanical Sciences and defence:

Application of Nanotechnology in this field is also remarkable and with the development of nanosensors, nano processors and nanochips, the scientists are now able to develop large and big types of equipment and machines into extremely minute sizes with large memories and abilities to perform more. A biomolecule for electronics is one of the examples in this regard. Bee size drone has been developed which has the ability to produce heavy losses to enemies. Apart from it, several other items can also be produced in the nano-size range which includes bullets, cameras, guns, surveillance equipment, intelligent clothing ’s etc the use of nanosciences in the field of the military can pose a serious risk to mankind in near future.


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