Exercise and its amazing impact on mental health

Exercise and its amazing impact on mental health
Exercise and its amazing impact on mental health

Exercise and mental health are the most important issues of today’s world. Life is moving fast. The access to the unattainable, the occurrence of the unbelievable, the rise of technological advancement and struggle for existence have put a devastating effect on the human mind and mental health. Earlier on (ages ago) life was simple. There was no concept of a computer, mobile, phone, cooking and washing machines, no availability of luxurious commodities for the ease of life, as a result, there were few disadvantages and demerits.

Now the globe has changed. The advent of new technology and the rough and tough strenuous demands of the society has distressed mankind. The reason is that the more we are exposed to or used to newer technologies, the more demerits and disadvantages we face. Because the newer aspects of existence have their hazards too.

Now the question arises, how to tackle the psychological and mental suffering in this new age of artificiality and materialism?

The solution could be many depending upon the type of mental ailment we are experiencing.

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Here particularly in this blog, we will elaborate on the mental benefits of exercises that could be practised to achieve improvement in mental health, anxiety, depression etc. Exercise is not only effective for the body but for dealing with depression, anxiety, stress and much more.

Regular exercise is very helpful in inducing a sense of well being. It elevates the mood, improves sleeping, improves memory and is helpful in feeling mobile and lively.

Impact of Home exercises on mental health and anxiety

It is imperative to know that it is not a compulsion that in order to remain fit, you necessarily have to go to the gym otherwise you won’t be able to exercise. But if it is not accessible to join a gym, then it could be done at residence/home too. Its also important to note that if an individual is unable or isn’t capable to undergo hard workout, he/she can practice a very light and easy kind of an exercise.

It is also not necessary to exercise for hours a day. Alteast 30 minutes of exercise is also effective. Walking, running on sand or on grass, swimming and dancing are the forms of exercise. Exercise can improve your immune system and in this way, we become defensive to different kinds of diseases.

Research has proved that exercise can treat minor and major depression just like an antidepressant and interestingly that’s too without any harmful effects. Exercise and mental health statistics studies have revealed that running for 15 minutes or walk for an hour reduces the risk of major depression by 26%. And if the exercise is persistently practised, it saves us from relapsing also.

Endogenous chemicals for the treatment of Depression and anxiety

It is important to note that while exercising, our brain releases certain chemicals which fight depression and refreshen up our mind.  Serotonin and Dopamine are the neurotransmitters that are released by the brain due to the exercise and they have a drastic role to play in the improvement of mental health.

Exercise is very useful for the treatment of anxiety. Endorphins play a part in this. It is also important to control negative thoughts in one’s head while exercising.

Another important point of the exercise is that due to exercise we come out of our boring existence in life and our mind gets deviated from the pessimistic thoughts we are experiencing (thoughts which lead us towards pain, disturbance, and dejection). So, for the time being, we are relieved of the problematic and dogmatic frame of mind and when we exercise, new air is breathed into our brain and body, we feel revitalized and energized.

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A person should concentrate on how he/she feels while exercising. He/she should inhale the air and while exhaling it, feel the sensation of it. He/she should concentrate upon the effect that is attained by exercise. That could be done by paying attention to the sensation that his/her mind is experiencing while exercising, the changes, the sweat that the body is emitting, the relaxation of brain and comfort of nerves during and after exercise.

It will indeed put a positive impact on his mind and body as well because exercise not only improves mental health but the physical and emotional state also. Due to such physical activity, a person is able to feel good about his body and moves confidently in society, because exercise burns calories and reduces fat over the body.

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

This mental disorder usually affects children and teenagers. Children suffering from ADHA are unable to control their impulses and are hyperactive in routine life. Such children can’t pay attention to their studies as well as to their home life. Symptoms of ADHD can also be cured with the help of exercise, playing games and performing outdoor activities.

Stress and depression can easily be cured with exercise. Workout at home or at the gym, walking or running on a road or in a garden also helps in making a person motivated towards a certain task. Because physical activity stimulates the brain to release dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin and these substances affect attention and focus. Without any mobility, humans are like useless objects, with no life and no purpose. Exercise makes a man mobile, fit, energetic and thriving.

Post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD)

This disorder usually develops in those people who have passed through or have seen some shocking and dangerous event in their lives. This psychological disorder can also be cured with the help of exercise.

Other factors should be taken into consideration. Exercise isn’t only related to deliberate physical work out exertion but it also covers our day to day manual tasks at home, like mopping, dusting, washing, cleaning, and any type of physical activity that we perform in our day to day life. When we pay heed to household chores it will not only be a physical and mental activity but it will also be a source of gratification for us because in this way we will be benefactors to our family members and also receive their admiration too.

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Rather than sitting idle we should go out for a walk in our free time, rather than engaging in useless thoughts we should opt for gardening. The soil, the plants, the flowers etc will bring us closer to nature, the beauty and art of the Creator.

9 most effective types of religious exercises to treat Anxiety and improve mental health.

Last but not least, religious exercises are of utmost importance in psychological healing. It has different perspectives and forms like

  1. Recitation and listening of holy books (The QURAN),
  2. Reading translation and explanations (Tafseer) of the Quran,
  3. Reading religious books,
  4. Meditation,
  5. Remembrance of GOD (Zikr),
  6. Taking refuge in divinity ie by observing nature and by being compassionate towards the creations of GOD like helping people in dire need,
  7. Taking care of the protection of animal rights or
  8. Rights of the differently-abled people, like paralysed and blind people, people with congenital abnormalities and
  9. Providing services to the neglected individuals of a society or communities like abandoned women and transgenders.

It literally feels great when we help someone out of sheer sincerity and compassion.

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While in order to mentally relax, we need to be a bit selfless and prosocial towards society. We should physically and emotionally engage in activities and tasks that will bring a positive change in society, which will enlighten the human race, which will cure the pains of the suffering beings. Because the prayers of such miserable beings in our world can be of greater advantage to us.

Religious exercises such as listening and recitation of holy verses of Quran and Salah (prayers) are a great source of psychological and spiritual tranquillity. These practices are of immense benefit for human beings and a lot of researchers have proposed the idea that the brain and heart become so energetic and peaceful due to Salah and Quranic recitation.



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