List of Best Medicine Distributors in Peshawar and various pharmaceutical products available with them

Here is the list of some Medicine distributors in Peshawar. These pharmaceutical distributors provide medicines to retailers on wholesale prices (15 % and above). They will also provide warranties of medicine to the retailers as they are the legal representative of the pharmaceutical industries.


Sikandar Town, GT Road Peshawar. Ph 091-2650080. Fax 091-2651218

Name of Industry and products Name of Industry and products
Alphacoline 1×10 inj Artemex L Forte
Amio Q 5mg Artemex Inj 1×6
Amio Q 10mg Artemex Lds Tab 1×8
Apizyt 120ml syrup Cinix 500 mg
Blocobal inj Cinox 250 mg
Bessfam 20mg Cinox 750 mg
Bessfam 40mg De- Calc Tab
Crantop sachet Deltafast Tab
Cycin 250mg tab Deltafast syrup 60ml
Cycin 500mg tab Hemifere syrup
Caldree 600mg tab Hemifere Tab 1×10
Carneel 500 mg capsule Hemisol Injection 5 Amp
C-Q10 caps 100mg Nocaris Worm 15 ml syrup
Cycin inj 100ml Nocaris Aduits 2×5
Cycin inj 50ml Nacaris Children Tab 1×10
Caldree DS Pinosone-P
Dayzone 1gm inj Perimac 500 Tab 3×10
Daytaxime 1g inj Perimac 500 inj 1×10
Daytaxime 250mg inj Ace Bex cap
Daytaxime 500mg inj Curail A eye drops 75 gm 100 ml
Dayfort 1g Inj Comate Eye drops 100 ml
Dayline 1g inj IV Diciomin Eye drops

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Dayline 250 mg inj IV I fresh drops 10 ml
Daypime 500 mg inj Latep eye drops 2.5 ml
Daypime 1gm inj Moxin eye drops 5 ml
Dayline 500 IV inj Oflexer eye drops
Eskem 40 mg 14 tabs Tobra eye drops
Eskem 20 mg Tabs Tobra D eye drops 10s
Em-Flox 400 mg Tab Acrogel eye drops
Entum 80 mg Inj Curanep eye drops
Freehale 5mg tab Curine eye drops
Freehale 10 mg tab Florom eye drops
Freehale sachet Gaticin eye drops 5 ml
Fortius 5 mg Tab Ketot eye drops 5 ml
Fortius 10 mg Tab Lash up
Fortius 20 mg Tab Lequix eye drops 5 ml
Fugacin 200 mg tab Natacin eye drops 5 ml
Famopsin 20 mg Prednisynth eye drops
Famopsin 40mg Pred+eye drops 5 ml
Coliate injection Timsol eye drops
Hizone injection Bilagal syrup
Hifer injection Citrafast 5 mg tab 1×10
Itoper 50mg Flexoxone 60 meter
Jardin 10mg Tab Gaspride 500 mg Tab 1×10
Jardin D syrup H-Cid Tab
Jardin D Tab Kofnil D Tab
Kroff 120mg syrup Lequix 250 mg
Lycin 250 mg Tab Lequix 500 mg
Lycin 500 mg Tab Lecure Tab
Lycin 750 mg Tab Qflox Tab 1×7

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Letocor 2.5 Rhinosone (spray)
Mixel 200 mg Capsules 5 cap Zespra 20 mg tab 2×7
Mixel 400 mg Capsules 5 cap Zespra 400 mg Tab
Mixel DS 30 ml syrup Zespra 40 mg Tab
Mixel 30 ml 100mg Ceramin 120 ml syrup
Maxfol Tab 400 mg max Ceramin 400 mg Tab 6×10
Maxfol Tab 600 mg Ceramin 800 mg Tab
Monak Inj Ceramin Inj 7×4
Nimoden 30 mg tab Cerolin syrup 30ml
One-3 20/120 Cerolin (4 ml inj) 1×4
One-3 40/240 Cerolin Tab 1×10
One-3 80/480 Cerolin 2 ml inj
Oxiva Tab Eslopram 10 mg Tab 1×10
Onamed 150mg cap Floxac 20 mg Tab
Oslia Floxac 60 ml syrup
Polymalt 120ml syrup Floxac Cap 1×10
Polymalt Tab Lamprene 25 mg Tab 3×10
Platlo tab Lamprene 50 mg Tab 3×10
Pyloclar 250mg Tab Lamprene 10 mg Tab 3×10
Pyloclar 500mg Tab Levinue 250 mg Tab
Polymalt F Tab Levinue 500 mg Tab
Pytex 20 mg tab Neurobedoxine inj
Prohale tab Neurobedxine Plus tab
Quprone 250mg tab Naze 5 mg Tab 5×10
Quprone 500mg tab Naze 2 mg Tab 3×10
Q bact 1g inj Naze drops 10 mg
Q bact 2 g inj Qutapin 25 mg Tab 3×10
Qufen sr 100mg Qutapin 100 mg Tab 1×10
Qufen 50mg Tomax 100 mg (1×10) Tab
Qsartan 25mg tab Tomax 50 mg (1×10) Tab
Qsartan 50 mg tab Tomax 25 mg (1×10) Tab
Qsartan plus tab Aproxen Sod Tab
Ruling 200 mg 14 caps Aproxen Ds Tab
Ruling inf 1 vial Ace Bex Cap
Ruling 400 mg 14 caps Baxamin Tab
Rulin sachet Cedo Zolam 5 ml ampoules
Roxvita Dex Dex 60 mg Tab
Rement 10mg Tab De calc Plus Tab
Rement 20 mg Tab Kitazoo inj
Remethan inject 75 mg Nixa Ampules
Remethan 50 Oral D3 IM Inj
Remethan 100 R Dex-Dex 30 mg Cap
Stata-a 10 mg 14 Tab Gabafit 50 mg Cap
Stata-a 20 mg 14 Tab Gabafit 75 mg Cap
Stomacol Tab Gabafit 100 mg Cap
Sulvorid 50 mg tab Moxicin 400 Tab
Sulvorid 25 mg Neurobedoxin Plane tab
Stat A 40mg Tesavel 100 mg Tab
Sunvit Inj Tesavel 500 mg Tab
Solosin SR Collagen Munu Skin
Ufrim 100 mg tab Collagen Menue Hair and Nail
Ufirm 20 mg tab Dermastar post filler collagen
Vildos 50mg tab Dermistir post filler scar repair
Vildo 50/850 mg Tab Dermastin sun powder
Vildo 50/1000 mg Tab Skin up day cream
Vinzat 4.5 inj SHAIGAN
Vida Z tab Acetofen Tab
Vinzat 2.5 Bexus 750 mg Tab


Jamali Corporation (Pharmaceutical Distributors)

3-A saddar road, Peshawar Cant.

Tel (091) 5285701-2

Mobile 0301-8501799

Name of Industry and products Name of Industry and products
Anexate AMP 1mg/10ml Salvaj Eez Tab 80/40 mg
Arsofin Tab 50 mg Salvaj sus 30 ml
Arsofin Tab 75 mg Salvaj sus 60 ml
Cal One D Tab 830 mg Tespral OD 15 mg Cap
Cal One D sus 120ml Toradol 30 mg/ml Inj
Cal One  Tab 830 mg Valium Ampoules 10 mg
Diatrol Tab 1 mg Valium Tab 5 mg
Diatrol Tab 2 mg Valium Tab 10 mg
Diatrol Tab 3 mg Xanecal Cap 120 mg
Diatrol Tab 4 mg Bon One Tab 0.5 µg
Dilatrend Tab 6.25 mg Rocephin 1 gm IM
Dilatrend Tab 12.5 mg Rocephin 1 gm IV
Dilatrend Tab 25 mg Rocephin 500 gm IM
Dilatrend Tab 5 mg Rocephin 500 gm IV
Dormicum Amp 5mg/ml Lexotanil Tab 3 mg
Dormicum Tab 7.5 mg Librax 5 mg
Duvel Plus 50+500 mg Tab Tespral Tab
Duvel Plus 50+1000 mg Tab Salbaj DS syrup
Enflor cap Fuvelox tab 250 mg
Enflor Sachet Fuvelox tab 500 mg
Esomax cap 20mg Rocephin 250 mg
Esomax Cap 40 mg Dowfen gel
Euglucon 5 mg Tab Duvel Tab 25 mg
Fansider syrup 15 ml Duvel Tab 50 mg
Fansider Tab Orzit 250 mg Tab 6s
Felbex Tab Orzit 500 mg Tab 6s
Fuciderm Tab 20 mg Fuvelox Tab 750 mg
Inspra sachet Cal one D forte  sup 60 ml
Inspra Tab 4 mg Cal one D forte sup  120 ml
Inspra Tab 5 mg Linesta Tab 250 mg
Inspra Tab 10 mg Linesta Tab 500 mg
Ismo 20 Tab 20 mg Linesta Tab 500 mg
Malcifer syrup 60 ml Duvel Tab 100 mg
Malcifer syrup 120 ml Synflex Tab 550 mg
Malcifer Tab Proxen 250 mg
Malcifer F syrup 60 ml Proxen 500 mg
Malcifer F syrup 120 ml Bonalfa ointment
Malcifer F Tab Memopar capsule.
Musidin Tab 2 mg Dormita Tab
Musidin Tab 4 mg Jibrone 0.5 mg Tablet
Musidin SR Cap 6 mg Orzit suspension
Euaria Cap 40/320 Jython Tab 600 mg
Euaria sachet 15/120 Mepasm 135 mg Tab
Naprosyne Tab 500 mg Mepasm 200 mg MR Cap
Orpase cap 400 mg Traun Tab 1 mg
Orpase DS sus 200 mg 30 ml Traun Tab 2 mg
Orpase sus 100 mg 30 ml Traun Tab 3 mg
Orpase sus 200 mg 60 ml Traun Tab 4 mg
Orpase Tab 200 mg Uzion sachet 20 mg
Orpase Tab 400 mg Uzion sachets 4 mg
Prelin cap 50 mg Dowdacla tab 30 mg
Prelin cap 75 mg Dowdacla tab 60 mg
Prelin cap 100 mg Ozbir tab 400 mg
Prelin Cap 150 mg Ribuyir Cap 400 mg
Prelin Cap 300 mg Ribuyir Tab 500 mg
Riplan Tab 75 mg Ribuyir Tab 600 mg
Riplan plus Tab Flozen Cap 150 mg
Rivotril Drops0.25% Elicia syrup
Rivotril Tab 0.5 mg Elicia Tab 250 mg
Rivotril Tab 2 mg Elicia Tab 500 mg
Rocaltro cap 0.25 mg Elicia Tab 750 mg
Rocaltro cap 0.5 mg Dowmoxi 400 mg Tab
Roswin Tab 5 mg Krotam 325+370 mg Tab
Roswin Tab 10 mg Anxture Tab
Roswin Tab 20 mg Hujaz Tab
Safepram Tab 10 mg Ondroc Tab
Safepram Tab 5 mg Orvita Tab
Safepram Tab 20 mg Xodocal
Salvaj Tab 20/120 mg Dowvir 400 mg Tab
Salvaj DS Tab 40/240 mg Dowfylin 400 mg Inj



Gul Plaza Charsadda Road, Peshawar

Tel (091) 2041012, 224602


Name of Industry and products Name of Industry and products
GLAXO-SMITH-KLIN Physiogel A.I Body lotion
Pandol CF Day Physiogel cream
Panadol 500 mg Tab Physiogel A.I Lipid Balm
Panadol Extra Tab Physiogel DD cleansing milk
Panadol Liquid 100 ml Physiogel DD face cream Light
Panadol drops Physiogel DD face cream rich
Panadol fort liquid Physiogel DD night cream
Cac Cola T-10 Physiogel dermo cleanser
Cac Lemon T-10 Physiogel DMT body lotion
Cac Lemon T-20 Physiogel DMT cream
Cac1000 plus Mango T-10 Physiogel cleanser
Cac1000 plus Mango T-20 Physiogel

(shampoo + conditioner)

Cac1000 plus Orange T-10 Physiogel shower cream
Cac1000 plus orange T-10 Spectraban SS
Lamisil Cream 1% 10 gm Sunblock normal SPF 20 gm
Tandegyl 120 ml syrup Sunblock normal SPF 60 gm
Tandegyl Tab Sunblock sensitive SPF 30
T Day 5 mg Tab Sun max sensitive SPF 30
T Day syrup Oilatum Bar
Acne aid Bar Oilatum jun cream





Name of Industry and products Name of Industry and products



Lower ground, Green Plaza, near Zaheer plaza, Charsadda Road Bridge, Ring Road Peshawar



Fax: 091-2244299

Name of Industry and products Name of Industry and products




Gul Plaza, Charsadda Road, Peshawar

Tel (091) 2040778-20412688

Fax: 091-2247358

Name of Industry and products Name of Industry and products



Small Industrial Estate, Kohat Road, Peshawar

Tel (091) 2320975-76

Name of Industry and products Name of Industry and products



Beside Ring Road Over Head Bridge, Main GT Road, Peshawar

Tel (091) 2654561-2

Fax: 091-2654564


Name of Industry and products Name of Industry and products



Haji Abad Charsadda Road, Peshawar

Tel (091) 5243768, 5243194, 5244058, 5244136

Fax: 091-5244117


Name of Industry and products Name of Industry and products



Jan Plaza Charsadda Road, Opposite Charsadda Bus Stand, Peshawar

Tel (091) 2245422


Name of Industry and products Name of Industry and products




Gul Plaza Charsadda Road, Peshawar

Tel (091) 224602, 2041012


Name of Industry and products Name of Industry and products




Name of Industry and products Name of Industry and products


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