Medicine prices increased up to 200 percent instead of DRAP approved 15 percent hike

Drug prices exorbitantly increased up to 120 % instead of DRAP approved 15 percent hike

Medicine prices have been increased many folds by the Pakistan pharmaceutical manufacturer association, and this increase, in some cases, is up to 120 %.

The increase in the prices has added to the problems of masses that are already facing an unprecedented price hike in the items of daily use.

The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) has recently allowed the pharmaceutical industry to increase the prices of various brands of medicine up to 15 %. The DRPA has given this approval after the decision of the federal cabinet.

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The pharmaceutical industry had earlier demanded the increase in the prices of various medicine due to the devaluation of Pakistan currency and an increase in the dollar price. They believed that due to the increased in the prices of raw material at international level as a result of the devaluation of Pakistani rupee, a several-fold increase in the transportation and other manufacturing charges due to price hike of petroleum products, electricity and gas, the pharmaceutical manufacturer are unable to continue the production. They demanded of the govt that if prices of medicine are not increased the manufacturer will be left with no option but to stop the manufacturing units.


Keeping in view the logical demand of the pharmaceutical manufacturing the govt and DRAP agreed, in principle that an increase shall be granted to them to reduce the burden on the pharmaceutical industry. In this regard the DRAP, which is the sole representative body of the govt on pharmaceutical and medicine matters allowed the pharmaceutical industry to increase the prices of various brands of medicine from 9 to 15 %.

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The pharmaceutical industries have taken advantage of this leniency and have increased the prices of medicine beyond the approval granted to them by the concerned authorities. In some case, this increased is more than 50 % of the total prices of the product.

Drug prices exorbitantly increased has been shown in the table

S.NO Name of the Product Old Price New Price % increase
1  Tab Proviran 257 586 128.01 %
2 Tab Triforge 186 510 174.19 %
3 Tab Avsar Plusv 160/10/25 176 405 130.00 %
4 Perfectil  Plus capsule 850 1800 111.76 %
5 Tab Concor 2.5 mg 60 125 108.33 %
6 Tab Erythromycin 250 mg 548 920 67.88 %
7 Tab Erythromycin 500 mg 1040 1500 44.23 %
8 Erythromycin syrup 66 97 46.97 %
9 Dettol Liquid 80 150 87.5 %
10 Tab Dupheston 540 828 53.33 %
11 Syrup Ginbex 440 695 57.95 %
12 Perfectil capsule 500 800 60.00 %
13 Tab Glyset 4mg 272 460 69.11 %
14 Injection IVF-C 920 1260 36.95 %
15 Tab Rifa 4 + 1215 2011 65.51 %
16 Tab Aldomet 638 840 31.66 %
17 Tab Primolut N 175 238 36.00 %
18 Epival 139 160 15.10 %
19 INSULIN 674 870 34.46 %
20 Cutis (Lotion) 270 540 100 %
21 Syrup Lysovit 62 90 45.16 %
22 Tab Zosartan – K 60 100 66.66 %
23 Calamox dry suspension 72 129 79.16 %
24 Tab Meliance 321 731 127.72 %
25 Tab Noctamid 246 525 113.41 %
26 Neurobion Tablets 250 750 200 %
27 Nuberol forte 79 426 439 %

It merits a mention here that at the time of approving to increase the prices of medicine, the DRAP had also directed the manufacturers to mention the old and new prices on the outer packing of medicinal products so that the people can do a comparison between the prices easily.

This direction of the DRAP has not been entertained by the manufacturers and not even a single product can be seen in the market having the old and new prices printed on its outer packing.

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The irony is that the higher authorities in the Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan have also shut their eyes towards such blatant violations by the pharmaceutical manufacturers. They seem reluctant to take any action against the strong lobby of pharmaceutical industries and the masses are left at the mercy of this cruel mafia.

The people demanded of the government to come hard on such violators of the law. The perpetrators and the culprit behind this gross negligence must be held accountable and such a constitutional right of the provision of basic health facility must not be snatched from the poor masses.

In October 2019, Pharmaceutical manufacturers have further increased the prices of various categories of medicine by 7. The per-table price of paracetamol has been increased up to 2 Rs. According to the official of the Ministry of Health, the DRAP ACT authorizes the Pharma industry to increase the prices up to 7 % per anum and the present increase is according to law.

There are up to 46 rupee increase in the prices of different category of medicine which are as follows

Weight control Rs 31
Blood pressure medicine Rs 12
Ulcer medicine Rs 46
Sugar/diabetes medicine Rs 30,
Pain killer Rs 05


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