SUICIDE and 11 most effective ways of its prevention

What is SUICIDE and 11 most effective ways of its prevention
What is SUICIDE and 11 most effective ways of its prevention

Suicide is the most common problem of today’s age and the majority of the young generation are found to be in depression which ultimately led to suicide. There are 11 effective ways of its prevention but Before going to discuss these ways we must know about the suicide that what actually it is.


Suicide is a phenomenon in which an individual is totally dejected about the existence and stop taking interest in life and hence takes the critical step of killing his own self.
It’s a serious issue of a newer age. The suicide rate is gradually increasing across the globe and the mental health professionals need to resolve this issue.
The mind of the suicidal patient is totally disturbed.

  • Some are deprived of a peaceful life and some are deprived of good prospects of a successful life.
  • Most of them have faced failure in the matter of love and some have fallen prey to disgruntled relationships.
  • Some are inflicted with loneliness and some are afflicted with the various tragedies of life.

All the above-mentioned factors and the rest have a devastating effect on the mind and hearts of people.

So it’s a matter of grave concern to make such suicidal patients aware of the fighting spirit and the curing factors for suicidal ideation before its culmination.

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The minds of suicidal patients are very weak therefore they must be dealt with much care and authenticity. Suicide patients have such complicated problems which are too intense to be solved and confronted.

Therefore before dealing with suicide patients a strong sense of empathy should be established for them. Warmth and acceptance should be provided to such patients.
Psychotherapists and psychiatrists are supposed to play their part in this regard. Moreover, social workers should conduct seminars about the cure and prevention of suicidal ideation.
This is an era of globalization, the whole universe has come under an umbrella and just by the click of a single button people get access to all they want. The advancement, new technologies, new machinery have made a man too dependent.

Life has become too convenient yet all these amenities have contributed to the rise of physical and mental ailments also. Because new technologies have their own share of demerits also.

The new age is witnessing an era and atmosphere in which money is touted as the most essential commodity, due to which people are running after material wealth, hence they have lost respect for sincerity in relationships and respect for values (religious, spiritual and cultural values). Due to which their minds have been thoroughly stressed out.

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The increasing incidents of violence and terrorism is another hitch of the newer age. Untimely deaths, natural calamities not only destroy lives but ultimately cause greater physiological pains and melancholy for the people who lose their loved ones.
The generation gap has resulted in a great divide between parents and children. Along with that, there is a communication gap between the members of the same family and locality due to which people don’t unburden their nerves by sharing their troubles with one another.
In the new age lack of opportunities has also resulted in tension and frustrations. There is no longer loyalty and serenity in relationships, as a result, there is a lot of stress in lives which ultimately lead to tendencies towards suicide.
Some relaxation exercises could be conducted for the treatment of distress (which resulted in suicidal ideation or suicide attempts).

11 effective ways of suicide prevention include:

  1. Deep breathing

It is one kind of relaxation in which an individual actively inhales and exhales and in the meanwhile unburden his nerves. It’s very effective for getting relieved from stress. Fresh air should be inhaled in morning times. This deep breathing exercise is very helpful in relaxing one’s mind.

  1. Massage therapy

It is an effective method of soothing our bodies and hence puts a good impact on our mind and mental health. It is also commonly observed that the psychologically depressed patients after getting massage therapy feel moved and energetic.

Massage therapy has a very powerful impact on the minds of patients. It releases endorphins which are endogenous chemicals and are considered to be very helpful in making human beings emotionally well.
Relaxation techniques not only cure depressive episodes but also prevents psychological distress to happen.
Massage therapy can lower down the blood pressure, consequently causing sleep which is good for the patient with depression. After sleep, the patients having depression get a bit of relief from their worries.
If massage therapy is not feasible, then a nap is also very good for health.

  1. Exercise

It is very beneficial. It refreshes up mind and body. There are several ways of doing exercise. Some people like jogging, some love running like athletes, some go to the gym while some play games like cricket, football, hockey, rugby etc.

The most important thing in life is to maintain balance in daily routine life. Taking out time for exercise in the busy schedule of life is not an easy task but it should be made part of one’s life.

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It’s very common that people start exercise with passion and excitement but fail to maintain that passion and soon get bored with it. Exercise shall be done just like any other duty of life ie job, business, eating, studying etc. The best way to do exercise is to do it twice a week if it is not feasible daily.

  1. YOGA

YOGA, meditation, closeness to spirituality and religiosity also solicit the mind of human beings. It’s more important to be carried out under the supervision of an instructor.

  1. Islamic/religious teaching and spirituality.

It has a huge and positive impact on the mind if studied and followed properly. Human beings are able to find meaning in their existence and search for the ultimate reality through religious education, therefore ZIKR should be regularly done in life.
People who are religious minded and who persistently turn to GOD for the solution of their problems are more likely to get quickly recovered from psychological stress and unrest.

They don’t complain unnecessarily about their problems to the people around them but they believe in the fact that there is the greatest power in the whole universe which supports, enlightens and helps the creatures of GOD.

That power is actually the ‘creator’, ALLAH (SWT) Who is the best disposer of all affairs. Who will always answer the call of His beings whom He loves deeply and marvellously. Our Holy Quran says ‘the peace of mind and heart lies in the recitation of holy verses’. It has also been proved by research. So the patients with suicidal symptoms should take refuge in spirituality.

  1. Visual imagery

It is also a very helpful technique. In this, the depressed individual is supposed to fantasise about a calm, beautiful place and imagine himself in that. It soothes the mind. People with negative thoughts need to warm up by doing things and activities that are delightful for them.

It could be book reading, watching TV, going out for a walk, talking to friends on phone, cooking, gardening, embroidery and games etc.

Moreover, the mental health professionals and the rest of the people who are in interaction with the depressed or suicidal individuals should treat them with empathy, acceptance and respect.

Depressed individuals should not be looked down upon as useless people. They should rather be taken as highly sensitive and worthy citizens of society and should be made strong enough to combat all kinds of evil forces in their way.

  1. Cognitive behaviour therapy.

It is mostly applied to suicidal patients in which their pessimistic perception about life and problematic behaviour is changed into a positive and healthy approach.

  1. Writing a diary.

It is suggested to such suicidal patients to keep a diary in which they will report their feelings about the event of life in such a manner that it would give them catharsis. So proper lifestyle management is required for patients with suicidal tendencies.
They should be made conscious of the fact that the solution to problems of life doesn’t lie in suicide and cowardly escape but in positive and logical tackling of issues.

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  1. Realistic thinking.

Suicide patients should be made aware of the fact that in life so many problems occur because of idealistic and pessimistic thinking. We should neither keep highly idealistic expectations from people and things in life nor should we be too negative or pessimistic about the events and various things of life.

As the life is an amalgamation of joys and sorrows, failures and success, tears and laughter, hope and dejection, birth and decay, fall and rise and this is the very equilibrium which persists throughout a human being existence.

We should rather adopt a realistic framework in life which will aid us in solving the conflict of life and which will motivate us to enjoy the good events and beauty of life.

  1. Strong sense of patience

A strong sense of patience should be inculcated in the patients having the propensities of suicide. They should be educated with Islamic / religious teachings about the benefit of tolerance in the hour of grief and dejection.

  1. Retail therapy for psychologically depressed people having suicidal tendencies.

According to recent research when we go out for shopping, our mind releases a hormone known as ‘Dopamine’. It is a hormone which causes a feeling of joy and excitement in people. When depressed people go out for shopping, their mind get deviated from their issues and for the time being they get busy in something productive.

So it is suggested to patients with depression to come out of their cocoon and go out for shopping. In this way, they will not only buy things but will socialise and get relief from the web of complications they are mostly stuck in.

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A man with suicidal ideation is an isolated being who has lost all interest in life and who is looking for tranquillity only in death, which he considers a shelter for him. So special care should be taken of such an individual by society.

Such an individual should be made aware of the beauty of life which is GOD’s blessing and belonging and strength of combating the troubles of life should be inculcated in him with proper ways and techniques.

Suicidal patients should be made aware of the purpose of life and about the revolutionary change that can emerge in their shattered lives due to their fighting spirit and appropriate skills in the way of management of various issues which are a hindrance in the attainment of peace and stability in life.


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