Why should I go to doctor and not search treatment on net if I feel symptoms of a disease

People find it easier to get info about the treatment of their diseases while browsing the internet through laptops, desktops or mobile phones instead of meeting a doctor.

This common practice is observed everywhere and in every field of life.

So educating yourself about something through the internet is not a bad idea. However, people should not use this method of treatment in every situation.

Pakistani healthcare workers who laid down their lives in fight against Coronavirus

It is becoming a common practice everywhere that people usually decide highly technical things while studying few blogs.

The problem with internet information is that it isn’t always correct. It has been compiled by non-technical people or those who have little knowledge about the subject in most cases. In such conditions, it could easily misguide and land you in serious trouble.

This trend should be strictly discouraged. The people must be educated that such practices should be followed only in the matter that does not directly impact your health and lives.

Suppose if you are going to try a new recipe at home. It is an easy and good idea to log on to YouTube or google it. You will get the best info about it in detail. If the same doesn’t get well and you would not make a good recipe, it is not a big problem. It also has no significant impact on your health and life.

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On the other hand, if the same trend is followed in any medical issue/problem, it could be counterproductive and dangerous. Therefore, the patients should consult a medical practitioner or a pharmacist with relevant qualifications and expertise in the same area.

Diseases like diabetes, hypertension, asthma, etc., can not be solved adequately by studying the web med. Therefore, a person who is legally qualified and professionally competent should be consulted only.

In the case of diabetes, if you will get a drug in high doses, you may fall on the ground. This will be due to the hypoglycemia effect of high doses, which may have severe consequences for your health.

Similar situations could be arises while treating any other medical condition.

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), millions of severe drug-drug and drug-food interactions occurred in American every year. The cost of such interactions is in billions of dollars on the health care system.

Indeed one can surf the internet in conditions like a common cold, nausea, headache (minor ailments), and the internet could tell you how to deal with such situations. You can also do self medications in such cases because it will not create a significant problem.

Pakistani healthcare workers who laid down their lives in fight against Coronavirus

According to some studies, people who try to find a treatment for their health issues while surfing the web suffer a Health Anxiety problem. It has affected almost 12% of people worldwide.

So while getting some primary diabetic education from WEBMED is a good idea, but treating it without the consultation of an appropriately qualified person will get you in hot water.

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